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In the modern world, webinars (conferences with online participation) are gaining more and more popularity. The advantages of this type of online conference are obvious: anyone from anywhere in the world who has access to the Internet and applied for participation can take part in the webinar, and the number of participants is limited only by technical capabilities. LOTTE Hotel Vladivostok, ideal for online conferences. At your service: 1. Comfortable platform. Pastel colors, classic-style interior, light in the room – all this creates a feeling of active participation, interest, and involvement of those present. 2. Technical support at the highest level. 3. Convenient location in the center of Vladivostok.

However, the conference venue is not limited to this. The conference is held jointly with partner universities, which provide additional platforms for organizing the conference.

At the same time, all audiences are connected by a teleconference that functions throughout the entire conference. Thanks to this technical innovation, the conference participants have the opportunity to communicate with each other remotely on-line. During the work of the jointly organized sections, the speakers take turns speaking from each of the sites. The conference participants present at the same time have the opportunity to ask questions to each other wherever they are. In addition, in the on-line mode, webcast of the work of the conference sections is also organized. Anyone can become a listener of the conference from anywhere in the world.